Our creative team enjoys finding creative solutions that address a client’s marketing goals. We are most rewarded from opportunities that allow us to apply our creative services to help give local business achieve a big ad agency look, on a small business budget. It gives us great pleasure to help a local business increase there market share by incorporating a targeted fleet vehicle campaign.

One such opportunity came to us back in 2015 when we received a call from Tommy, the owner of Certified Heating and Air Conditioning, in Ft. Myers Florida. Tommy was just getting started with his business, so we had a blank slate to develop his fleet appearance based on his vision for his brand. Tommy, and his managing director Michael, wanted to place an emphasis on service. I explained the value of having a great tag line to the guys, and in our first meeting Michael coined the phase, “Blue Ribbon Service – Every Time”.

This phase stuck a cord with our design team which lead us to the Blue Ribbon theme that we developed to be the company logo. We discussed the color scheme for there van in contrast to their local competition and decided that red, white and blue while common for AC companies was uncommon in there local market. While we initially wrapped several Ford Transit E-250 high tops, the company has moved to the smaller and more economical Nissan NV 200 for the majority of there service fleet vehicles.

According to Certified, In the past three years they have witnessed the tremendous growth of Certified as they have expanded from an initial fleet of 4 vehicles to nearly 20 vans, trailers and trucks. Tommy tells us that his sales have doubled each year for three consecutive years – a success that he attributes to the brand awareness that the vehicle wraps have created in the Ft. Myers / Naples market.

They monitor the incoming calls to establish where the lead originated, and approximately 30% of their total call volume comes from the wraps” explained Tommy. “We invest a ton of money into Google Adds, Direct Mailers, and local magazine advertising and vehicle wraps have consistently emerged as the best return on investment when compared to traditional forms of advertising that we have incorporated into our marketing plan”.