At Ron Clark Academy, their goal is to foster an atmosphere where students, parents, staff and community members work together to create a family environment for their students. There state-of-the-art school is designed to promote creativity, innovation, wonder, joy and a passion for learning. They accomplish these goals by creating an exciting and engaging environment that incorporates a Harry Potter-esque theme which places students into teams that compete academically throughout the year.

This last year we had the pleasure of working with Amy Reynolds, Vice Principle of Duvall Charter Schools at Baymeadows, on an extensive wall wrap project that encompassed many of the common areas surrounding both entrances and the cafeteria. The wall wrap project we developed for Baymeadows was inspired by Amy’s visit last year to acclaimed educator, Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta. Inspired by her visit to RCA, Amy worked with her team of educators to develop a Super Hero theme that would place students into four teams, titled the Avengers, Guardians, Justices and the Incredibles. Amy worked with student artists to design logos for each of the Super Hero teams.

With the inspiration of RCA, and the goal of inspiring and motivating both students and faculty alike, our creative team took the student designed logos and developed a superhero city theme to bring Amy’s vision to life on the walls of her school. For our team, it was amazing to see the instant boost to student and staff morale as we were installing these amazing and creative walls. The finished wall wraps, along with the curriculum changes, have been very well received by both parents and faculty, as well as the students of Baymeadows Charter School, who are the true inspiration of this project.