It all started with a visit from Frank Whitley to discuss a birthday gift wrap for his daughter Taylor’s 2006 Ford Mustang. Frank, a long time aviator and WWII War Bird fan thought it would be cool to incorporate a P-51 Mustang theme into his daughter’s car. With Frank’s direction, our team began researching the markings and details of P-51 Mustangs. With design inspiration and research completed, our team set about the task of designing this amazing wrap.

We started the design with a foundation of brushed aluminum. We added in the trade mark Roll Royce Merlin exhaust. We then counter sunk the rivets and seams for that aircraft fuselage appearance. Lastly we added the war-bird marking including the Navy star and tail checkers.

We rolled out the initial design to Frank, he loved the design but remarked that the plane looked brand new – like it had just been manufactured. “It needs to look like it has been in war” Frank commented. “Please add flack an bullet holes, and last but not least, Japanese rising sun kills” exclaimed Frank. “Rising Sun kill flags?” I asked, “Yes, my daughter likes to race Japanese imports”!

Well if she likes to drag race I have the perfect name for her car. “Whats that?” asked Frank. “Miss Behavin” I announced, and we both burst out in laughter! Frank agreed that the name was perfect and we went back to the drawing board.

With Frank’s direction, our team added the distressing, bullet holes, exhaust and oil stains to the design. The final touch was the distressed rising sun flag kills and the call sign “Miss Behavin” on the rocker. To top off all the visual effects, our team selected a satin luster laminate and satin black hood, roof and deck-lid to further accentuate the distressed look of the design.

After a week long installation, the P-51 Mustang was ready to roll out for its big birthday debut. With Frank’s entire family on hand, our garage door rolled up to reveal one of the coolest custom wrap creations to come out of our shop. Frank, Taylor and her daughter were excited about the final results. Taylor took a minute to take in the entire design and looked down on the rocker to read the call sign “Miss Behavin”, looked over at me and asked, “how did you know?”. I explained her dad told me all about her and her lead foot!

We were so proud of how the P-51 design turned out, that we submitted it to Avery Dennison for their Wrap Like a King contest, and guess what… we were accepted!

We are proud of this honor, and we are looking forward to sending in more submissions